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Our potato chips called: JACKY FRENCH FRIES are cut thicker than the typical American-style French fries. This means less fat per portion, because cooking oil doesn’t penetrate far below the surface of the potato. So, the thicker the chip, the less oil is absorbed proportionally per chip.

You'll never find a microwave in our restaurants, because each meal is grilled fresh, right when you order it.

Practically all meats and poultry we used in our meals are grilled and not fried.

All sauces which are used in our products are made by PELAK, under strict hygienic conditions at PELAK factory.

PELAK was the first restaurant in Tehran / Iran which provides it’s customers with nutrition facts of every meal, printed on packaging.

About Us

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About Pelak Restaurant

Pelak chain restaurant begins its activity with having quite enough knowledge about new customer demands and market limits in various sectors such as (Fast food & Restaurants typical menu, expensive interrelated industrial equipments, restaurants rental state quality and quantity limitation problems) with research, concentrate and considering a long period of time to allocate to study experted plans on upon mentioned sectors in March 2006.
The first pelak’s branch was opened with the aim of having various types of international meals shaped from Pizza and Sandwich with wearing in mind Persian taste contribution and choosing takeaway delivery presentation in Zafar area in December 2006.
Customer’s acclamation encouraged the directorate to start the second phase activity. Plaque’s food initial additives factory reinforced by modern Machinery System, Equipments and trained staff located in a 1000 meter square area so as to feeding all branches which established in February 2008. At the same time Pelak’s R&D department produced a 1000 pages instruction guideline according to have several meeting in well known Brands Head office in Middle East such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and etc by sending its expert team.
In the mean time by Research and Development department estimation, 9 more branches in Shahrake Gharb, Velenjak, Vanak, Pasdaran, Saadatabad,, Abbasabad, Marzdaran, Qazvin & Mazandaran choosed and opened which all over again received support from customers.
In the second half of 2016 subsequent to complete the new phase requirements, company start to open new branches in other province.
Development of Machinery and equipments usage, up to date refrigerating rooms facility, modern packing line assistance in order to give better service to branches particularly to province branches was mentioned as a few changes which occurred during this period of time.


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